Characteristics of Rottweiler Dogs and Types

Characteristics of Rottweiler Dogs and TypesCharacteristics of Rottweiler Dogs and Types

Balinghasai Farms – The Rottweiler is a dog that comes from Germany and is often used to help with heavy work. These jobs include raising cattle, pulling cars, guarding the house, working with the police and military to perform some physical tasks that this dog can take. This type of dog is classified as a dog that requires a lot of movement and sufficient mental stimulation. And the Rottweiler shouldn’t be allowed to loosen up.


There are several versions of the story that mention the origin of this dog’s development. One of them is the story of this Rottweiler dog from ancient times. Even this dog also began to be known to people whose lives are ruled and this dog began to be bred. This type of dog was originally used to help people raising livestock in the European region. In addition, this dog is also used by breeders to serve as sheepdogs to round up animals so that they are easier to bring to urban areas. Even with its popularity as an assistance dog for herding and transporting livestock, this dog has been used by law enforcement because it has a natural leadership trait. And so far this dog is often used as a guard dog. And since 1931, this dog has also been officially used as a guard animal, in particular for the police.


As mentioned above, this dog is known to be loyal and very affectionate towards his family. For its own species, the Rottweiler also has its own variations. One of the breeds is known as the Rottweiler Hairless Khalla. This type of dog has a fur-like characteristic that is less noticeable compared to other types of dogs. This dog also has significantly shorter legs. As for other types of Rottweiler dogs, they also have longer legs. For the type of Rottweiler that has longer legs, it is very suitable to use it as a watchdog as it has a much more muscular body.

Besides the hairless Khala, another variant of the Rottweiler is known as the Siberian Husky. This dog also has a medium but thick coat. This Siberian husky dog ​​is not very vicious, but he can also be called not very friendly. This dog also has the same characteristics as Rottweiler dogs in general, who are very energetic, unable to stand still and like to move. This guy also has a very caring and loving nature. And this dog also takes very good care of his family.

How to take care

1. Cubs

Here are some ways to take care of a beagle puppy, including:

– Take him out of the house regularly to spend his time enjoying the great outdoors. Because this type of dog will grow faster and better if he grows up in the wild. –
– So it would be nice if you invited him regularly to do outdoor activities.
– Before adopting a dog, make sure the breeder has a good reputation. Kalin can check the dog breed points. You can also learn about early socialization between parents and Rottweiler puppies.
– To make sure that the mother puppy is also healthy, you can check the history of the illness that you have had.
– Do not adopt a shy Rottweiler dog, because when he grows up he will most likely bite very easily and have a very aggressive character.

2. Adult dog

Caring for an adult Rottweiler is quite easy. In this case, the dog’s coat will usually shed twice a year. And generally, this hair loss will only occur in a period of about three weeks. To deal with it, you just need to comb the coat regularly every day. Here are some tips you can apply, including:

– Comb the rottweiler’s coat for about 10 to 15 minutes, with the aim of reducing hair loss. It can also help prevent the Rottweiler’s coat and hair from falling out or reduce the shedding that occurs. But if you feel the loss has started to ease, you can minimize the sweep.
– Take care of your Rottweiler’s coat by combing it twice a week. It will also help your Rottweiler’s coat and hair to look good and groomed.

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